ICE INSIDE LAN Office Messenger ICE INSIDE will help you to...

ICE INSIDE LAN Office Messenger ICE INSIDE will help you to speed up your internal communication with colleagues and co-workers. ICE INSIDE is an easy-to-use office messenger with file-sharing functionality, especially designed for companies and organizations, which want to optimize their internal communication and data-transfer.

This resource-sparing LAN/WAN Messenger works without additional server by using a direct P2P (peer-to-peer) connection inside your local TCP/IP Network and enabled to send and receive internal messages and files, from or to all affiliated user.

ICE INSIDE works economically and guaranteed maximum security and protection against external access. The Software is easy to install, configure and use, and doesn`t require special PC knowledge.

To join your local messaging network, enter your email address and optional the name of your relevant workgroup. After successful connection the names and connection-states of all affiliated users will indicate directly on the group-orientated contact list.

Drag-and-drop files over a user-item starts the file-transfer, double-click on it opens the instant messenger. The Messenger supports Plain- and Rich-Text formatted messages, which are compatible to Microsoft Office Products.